Montag, 4. Mai 2009

advanced hitchhiking

I just hitched my first lift, sitting in my parents living room.

While asking for a contact adress, where i could crash in an emergency i was offered a lift to Enschede (NL). After short hesitation (its more or less half my tour after all) i acepted.
This means my journey wont start until wednesday but hey, if the universe decides to throw me a bone now, who am i to disagre? and i figure its going to become difficult soon enough.


  1. Good luck! I walked from Monaco to Newcastle a couple of years back for charity (partially through Germany) and I hope you have as much luck finding generous people as I did.

    What's the plan for crossing the Channel? Going to see if you can get a free lift in someone's car who's going across on the train?

  2. Good luck!

    -- Tom B., Orlando, FL, USA