Freitag, 8. Mai 2009


I just arived in Antwerpen and will be searching for a place to stay the night shortly.
The Journey today was hell. it took me the whole day and four lifts to get here.
(on that note: not taking a map wasn't my best idea, that much's for shure)
But aside from feeling a little peckish im allright.

Standing for hours waiting for a lift wouldn't be so bad, if the wind wouln'd be so strong but that's Holland for you.

Belgium, where i'm right now, looks totaly different from Holland.
First thing i noticed were the streets, wich where in noticable worse shape in the blink of an eye. Antwerpen itself looks almsot Eastern European to me especialy the main station. (Pictures later because again no CF-Card reader).

My journey today started with an inner Amsterdam lift from an old man, who looked so grumpy, i was afraid to ask for his name. He took me to a place directly next to the highway where i stood for maybe 20minutes in a place, specially designed for hitchhikers.

From there Abdel, who owns and runs a job agency in Amsterdam, gave me a lift to a gasstation on the A2 highway. Unfortunatley i forgot to give him the adress of this blog. So if, by a strange coincidence you happen to knwo him (i will be posting a foto, as soon as i can), please tell him.

Rene von Luxemburg (whose name i cant properly type, cause i cant find the key for that thingy over the e) gave me a lift from there. He showed me, that i was hitchhiking on the wrong highway and suggested the route i'm hitching now, to me.
After he had droped me off at one of the larger gasstation it took me about 3 hours and two new signs to find my next lift.

Finaly Gerben, a webdesigner and Linux system administrator, who gave somebody a lift for the first time, took me to Breda, where i got a lift almost immediatly by a man and a woman whom i did'nt understand at all, nor did they me. they were the first people i met, who would'nt let me take their picture. but maybe they thought, i wanted to give them my kamera as payment, who knows.

Strange thought of the day: Why not arrange your library by the first letter of the first sentence? (works for all kinds of media realy)


  1. mensch mathias ... keine karte dabei ... die fähren hast du dir nicht vorher rausgesucht ... ein wunder das du vorher geguckt hast ob DA in england begraben ist ... ; )

    klingt nach nem super abenteuer. das lesen macht spaß^^

    alles liebe,

  2. Lieber Mathias, ich würde gerne auf einen Übersetzer verzichten, der eine kennt die Vokabeln nicht, dem anderen ist es zu anstrengend... Ich denke an Dich, komme gut über das Wasser und dann gut nach Hause. Liebe Grüße Anne